Keeping the Bathroom Clean and Hygienic

When we think of the word soakwells, we may conjure up images of those boilers at work in Victorian mansions. A simple way to improve your health and the health of your family is to use an absorbent tool for your bath or kitchen to soak up water and help it stay clean longer.


There are many different technologies available. Some soakwells use a pump, while others use a collecting bowl or a trowel. Some soakwells are portable, while others require a separate machine.

Drain cleaning machines may be purchased ready made, either as a portable unit or with a table top version. Most units may also be used in a sink or bathtub. Drain cleaning machines are available for both new and used homes.

Portable upright tub machines are convenient and can be found to fit any size tub. They are able to soak and save water in a wider variety of bathrooms than most of the other drain systems. The drainwalls in the bathrooms of the past were more fragile, so the pieces broke off and had to be replaced frequently.

Today’s portable soakwells come with an easy to install mount which allows you to move the unit easily from one room to another and have the ability to install on a full commercial bathtub. Installing one in a new home is simple and affordable. The designs range in many sizes and styles and are designed to accommodate people of all ages.

The absorbent technology helps keep the tub clean and hygienic, saving you money on a monthly basis. Because the pump or collector takes only seconds to fill the tank, there is no wait time for the soakwells to be emptied. With a regular sink or bathtub the amount of time it takes to empty the tank can be as long as an hour.

Most soakwells are constructed from either plastic or PVC. PVC is generally easier to maintain and clean than plastic. Some older PVC models have been known to soak up a great deal of water before they run out. Older models will likely need to be replaced.

Plastic tanks are usually constructed from a smooth plastic material. This makes them easier to install and clean. The newer models may be made from a polyethylene material.

Many older models are made from clear plastic. Because the colors are not permanent, it is possible to get them cleaned or replaced for little money. It is also possible to avoid the expense of having to replace the entire unit if it needs to be repaired.

Always make sure that the drain will work properly before you purchase. All new or used homes will have a drain. Make sure you find the ones that are right for your home.

You might be happy with the looks of a sink or bathtub for now. However, if you find yourself in need of a real improvement, you should take your time and consider the benefits that Soakwells Perth will provide. It will go a long way towards improving the look and feel of your home.

There are many different types of soakwells to choose from. You can learn about the different kinds of devices by browsing online at a bathtub or kitchen soakwells site.