The Pros and Cons of Installing Hardie Siding

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Hardie siding is a superb improvement to your home. The siding comes in vinyl plastic sheets that are fitted over your exterior walls. If you live in an area where it snows, the siding will keep your home nice and dry. Also, the material is UV protected, making it great for both your inside and outside home improvement projects.

When looking for siding Houston contractors should know about the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl plastic-sided siding and fiber cement siding. First of all, Hardie siding comes in many different colors. This will allow homeowners to match the siding exactly to their homes without having to worry about an “off-white” look or one that is too bright. Secondly, the color of the Hardie siding is almost indistinguishable from wood – which means that vinyl siding contractors no longer have to spend time painting the siding to match the exterior color of the home. Hardie siding also has the advantage of being able to be washed with soap and water, unlike some other types of siding that cannot be washed with just any type of cleaning solution.

But one drawback of the Hardie siding is that it does crack. Because it is composed of a combination of hardening substances and fiber cement, this is a natural occurrence in Hardie siding. Homeowners need to note that this crack in the siding is completely invisible and will not mar the look of the house. However, if you live in areas of high traffic, the constant cracking can be an issue and is most definitely something that you would want to consider when choosing Hardie siding for your home.

Hardie siding is much stronger than wood, which makes it much less likely to be damaged by hail, wind, or falling tree limbs. Hardie siding also maintains its original color for up to 40 years compared to the vinyl siding which discolors over time. And since vinyl can also be stained, it is possible to get a matched set of stains for your Hardie siding to give you the ability to match your siding to the exterior of your home.

Another great feature of Hardie siding is that it is fireproof. The material is “burn-resistant” compared to vinyl, and it will not be harmed by fire. However, one should keep in mind that while this feature is great for protecting your home from damage, it also will prevent the siding from decaying. The problem with wood siding is that if it is continuously exposed to fire, the color will slowly fade. This is especially bothersome if your house has an abnormally long history of damage. You can also expect that if you ever have to paint the house, the previous color will still be there, but it will be much lighter.

While it is true that Hardie siding will protect your home from damage, it is also a fact that this siding can make your home look better. It is not uncommon for people to have some gaps between the siding and the surrounding home. However, if you apply a great coat of Hardie siding, such gaps will not be noticeable at all, and your house will look neat and finished. This will also help to give your house a good curb appeal.

The siding installation in Houston will give you the chance to use either caulking or fiber cement to seal the seams of the paneling. If you decide to go with these methods of sealing your Hardie siding, you will notice that your house will not only look better, but it will last longer too. Caulking will tear away from the edges of your house, while fiber cement may crack under pressure. The cement will have to be replaced often, and if it gets damaged, you will have to replace it entirely. Therefore, the pros and cons of these two siding options should be weighed carefully before making a final decision on what you want for your home.

Finally, when it comes to the actual maintenance of Hardie siding in Houston, you will notice that it is easier than other types of siding. No matter what type of siding you choose, you will have to paint it every couple of years, and then repaint it every ten years. With Hardie siding, you will not have to worry about any of this at all, because the panels will stay durable and strong no matter what you do to them. You can also use a layer of insulation between the siding and the next layer of drywall, and you will never have to worry about mold again. All of these things are great reasons to contact Hardie Siding Houston for installation.